Welcome to Rusty Nail Inn and Café

Set in Sagada’s scenic stretch of woodland and cold mountain ridge, Rusty Nail Inn and Café is a one of a kind escape from the rigors of everyday life. Time seems to stand still at this haven, where days and nights are committed to total indulgence.

Formerly known as Churya-a Hotel and Restaurant, the homestay was acquired and is now managed by the Omengan family since 2014. It was renovated into a more welcoming retreat, where guests can sink into a leisurely pace of life and relaxation.

Although located close to the convenience of the town proper, Rusty Nail was also built adjacent to the stunning wilderness of Sagada—offering comfort and accessibility without compromising one’s thirst for adventure. Moreover, this fortress drew upon the town’s natural environment and rich cultural roots to provide guests warmth amidst the cold weather. Hence, as rustic as it is luxurious, Rusty Nail promises idyllic sceneries, elegant rooms, indulgent treatments and superb service.

Our Accommodations

Care has been taken to ensure that Rusty Nail Inn and Café rooms express comfort and understated luxury. Our accommodations possess the harmonious integration of aesthetic rigor with modern amenities—a reflection of our remarkable dedication to rural comfort and top class service.

From well-appointed bunkrooms to executive accommodations, we feature a variety of lodgings to suit one’s taste and budget. Every room and suite is individually furnished with stylish fabrics, deeply comfortable beds, handcrafted wood furniture, and is fitted with a comfort room complete with complimentary bath amenities and plush towels.

Culinary Delights

Pairing the finest culinary experience with picturesque surroundings, Rusty Nail’s café satisfy all the senses. The menus are inventive, the setting distinctive, and the service truly exceptional.

Incorporating local flavors and ingredients, we serve satisfaction to those who seek new flavors and creative cuisines. Our kitchen staff is practiced in culinary delights made from local produce, hence every plate is inspired by traditional Cordilleran cookery.